BMO is a cute little video game that can talk, but he is more than that, he is also a camera, a VCR, outlet, charger, and he is also a portal to the digital world.

Features I like about himEdit

He is everything a video game fanatic could ever ask for, and the best thing is that he can talk and try to be a "real boy" when no one is around. He is also in soccer which I find to be adorable because I can just imagine him running around for a ball with his stubby little legs.

My first reaction when I saw himEdit

He was a cool guy but he is apparently a responcible person since he knew that Finn and Jake were not worthy enough to go into the digital world.

The thing I like most about himEdit

He is a video game! Nothing is better than that! He is portable, can recharge things, be a camera and much, much more!

What do you think about him?Edit

He is a cute little guy, and he is so awesome! I want to be sent to the digital world! (Wotter Power)