Cake 001






28(in magical cat years)

Cake is a cat that was born with the magical ability to stretch to great lenghts, but she does have a a limit though. She is Fionna's best friend and sister.

Features I like about herEdit

She can turn into things that Jake never does like, the morning star and the way she wore Ice Queen's tiara.

My first reaction when I saw herEdit

I was so amazed that there was going to be a gender swapped show that I just dropped everything and watched it. She was almost as funny as Jake but I think she was better.

The thing I like most about herEdit

She is able to play the hammered dulcimer which I find to be pretty awesome, and the way that she told Fionna that "Guys like to hear that they're hot" made me crack up.

What do you think about her?Edit

She is the coolest cat I know that's for sure. (Wotter Power)