Finn the Human








Hero, Adventurer, King of Goblins (only in "The Silent King")

Finn is an awesome kid ith a great personality. He and his brother and best friend Jake travel the land of Ooo to defeat evil and to protect princesses from my favorite villain, the Ice King. The reason that I find him awesome is because he is just amazing in every sort of way. He can do many things that I find interesting like being able to use a cross-bow or being able to spit far. He can also play the flute but lacks the ability to play Jake's viola.

Features I like about himEdit

He is the only human in Ooo and he knows how to slay evil without even being scared. Like when he fought the Lich he didn't even get scared, mostly because he was being protected by the power of liking someone a lot, which in his case was a sweater that was knitted by Princess Bubblegum to keep him warm in the Lich's chamber. He is also really funny and the way he acts around the people that he likes makes me laugh. He will always be my favorite hero/human boy. Also he has that "Awesome hat" that he wears every day and it is just litterally "awesome."

My first reaction when I saw himEdit

I was thinking to myself, this is gonna be epic and I was totally right! I seriously do not know why people don't like Adventure Time when this guy is in it to make the show what it is. He is super funny and is loved by everyone in Ooo. I thought that Jake was his dog at first but then later found out that Jake's parents had adopted Finn, it made me fell weirded out a bit but since Finn was still himself I didn't really care, he is, was, and always be the awesomest!

The thing I like about him the mostEdit

Well there are a lot of things that I like about Finn but the thing that I like the most about him is that he is just a regular human being. He is capable of performing the things he does because he tries and anyone can be like him if they put their heart into it.

What do you think about him?Edit

He is so cool! If I culd have any wish it would be to go into the land of Ooo and meet Finn!!! (Wotter Power)