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Fionna the Human







Fionna is my all time favorite character in Adventure Time. She is a hot chick that can kick but yet pull off a fancy dress, and when worse comes to worse she can just fight any evil doer, with or without a sword. She is very shy when it comes to talking about her feelings which I find to be onw of the reasons that she is funny.

Features I like about herEdit

She is an awesome person, what don't I like about her, she can kick butt. Mostly I like her because of her personality, she is a really nice girl, and with Cake by her side anything is possible.

My first reaction when I saw herEdit

I was sitting on my couch and the commercial came out with her in it and I just stopped what I was doing and just stared at the screen until the commercial finally ended. She is a cute girl, and that bunny hat and her bangs showing just adds to the cuteness.

The thing I like most about herEdit

She is dependable. If she is Finn's gender-swap then you know that you can always count on Fionna to be there and help you in your moment of need. Because she will always help people, no matter how small the problem.

What do you think?Edit

She is the coolest person in Adventure Time! She should have her own series called "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake"!!!! (Wotter Power)