Flame Princess
Flame Princess


Flame Princess




Fire Elemental




Flame King (father)

Introduced In


Latest Appearance

Hot to Touch

Voiced By

Jessica DiCicco

Flame Princess is the princess of the Fire Kingdom and she is apparently evil but Finn found the soft side of her and followed her but it turned out they weren't ment to be with each other.

Features I like about herEdit

She is claimed to be evil by her father but she has a soft side to her, she also has such a sweet voice, even when she is enraged her voice is as beautiful as the sunset on summer.

My first reaction when I saw herEdit

I was like, "Oh my glob, Finn is such a player" because I knew that she liked Finn as much as he liked her back.

The thing I like most about herEdit

The way she is able to feel the pain of fire, also the way that she can grow big and small using fire, but most of all is the way she can fly with fire.

What do you think of her?Edit

She is a nice girl on the inside but if she keeps up her destructiveness she will never be loved. (Wotter Power)