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Ice King
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Ice King



Ice King is my favorite villain ever since the episode "When Wedding Bells Thaw" because he was just so awesome dancing at his "manlorette" party and the music in the background was outsounding. He is just super awesome, he is just to nice to do anything evil or bad, even though he steals princesses it is just because he is lonely, but at least he has one of the coolest animals in the world, penguins! And all with the same name; Gunter. He is just a nice guy but he went crazy because of the crown but if it weren't for that he would have never survived the mushroom war.

Features I like about himEdit

He is the only villain that can actually be nice with the protagonist. Although he is hated by everyone I find him to be funny, even though he can kill you... Yes, he is my favorite bad guy and I hope it is your favorite bad guy too!

My first reaction when I saw himEdit

I thought that him, Finn and Jake were buddies until I saw an episode where he forced them to be his friend, which again was funny for me. He is actually really nice but is, like the cosmic owl said, a sociopath

The thing I like most about himEdit

He can be himself and not get in trouble, except with Finn and Jake but that is because he is probably out stealing a princess of freezing innocent people.

What do you think about him?Edit

He is an awesome dude he is just missunderstood. I like him cause he is trying to be nice but ends up being evil XD (Wotter Power)