Jake the Dog






28 (in magical dog years)


Hero, Adventurer, Goblin Queen only in (The Silent King)

Jake is a magical yellow dog that can shape shift and stretch his body to great lenghts. He is so amazing and can be funny once in a while just don't say he is "cute".

Features I like about himEdit

He is able to talk which I fint to be very awesome so I can ask him a bunch of questions about what it is like being a dog and being able to stretch and become big.

My first reaction when I saw himEdit

He was an amazing looking dog, I knew that if anything ever happened to Finn that he would stand by his side and vise versa. I though that it was cool that he was able to stretch cause he reminded me of my OC's pet dinosaur, Gus.

The thing I like most about himEdit

He is able to stretch his ears out and fly and he can shrink down and continue eating without hessitation. He also likes ice cream which I found to be adorable.

What do you think about him?Edit

I like him but I think the show isn't giving him much of a spot light, I mean the show IS called Adventure Time with Finn and JAKE but it seems that it is more interested in just Finn. (Wotter Power)