Marceline the Vampire Queen


Marceline the Vampire Queen









Marceline is a radical dame who likes to play games with Finn. She has the ability to transform into a bat, octopus, and a werewolf. I think that she is a cool chick just that she needs to let go of her daddy eating her fries.

Features I like about herEdit

Modelsheet marceline - newcostumeno2 withrims

My favorite design of her!

She can levitate which is lumpiing amazing! She can suck the color red instead of being your stereotypical blood sucking vampire which I think is awesome.

My first reaction when I saw herEdit

She was being a bully to Finn by teasing him but at the end of the episode I began to like her because she was merely playing tricks on Finn to make him confused.

The thing I like most about herEdit

She has that awesome axe bass which I think is lumping awesome. Even though she can't be in the sun she still takes the risk, so I am going to say that the thing that I like the most about Marceline is that she is brave.

What do you think about her?Edit

She is a radical dame (as stated) but she can be a little mean sometimes, that's why I like her :] (Wotter Power)

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