Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum


Princess "Bonnibel" Bubblegum




18 (13 in "Too Young")

Princess Bubblegum is the princess of the Candy Kingdom. She is a very resoureful person who is also a scientist. She is very smart for just being 18 but she manages.

Features I like about herEdit

She has many dresses and designs that are shown in almost every episode. She can also speak German which I find to be pretty cool.

My first reaction when I saw herEdit

I thought that she and Finn were going to go out, sure they did in "Too Young" but she became 18 again. She must be able to understand Korean if she has Lady Rainicorn, who only speaks it.

The thing I like most about herEdit

She is entirely made of bubble gum! Her hair and her body, not sure about her clothes though, but Finn keeps a lock of her hair with him, it is his prized possesion.

What do you think about her?Edit

She is a "sweet" person but I think she is going to have to litteraly make a husband. (Wotter Power)